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Namaste 💚   

I am passionate about yoga and I am keen to share it.

I am a Yoga teacher and a Veterinarian. I teach yoga classes in South Auckland in Papakura, Takanini, Manurewa and on Zoom. I teach a mixed style class, mainly Vinyasa, to suit beginners to intermediate level. 

IYTA NZ Teachers Diploma   (International Yoga Teachers Association of NZ)

Benefits of Yoga

: strength and energy and feelings of overall wellness and wellbeing.

Improves : breathing, sleep quality, posture, flexibility, balance and coordination, muscle tone (energetic styles of yoga), self-awareness, positive affect, mindfulness and psychological empowerment, resilience and self-compassion, communication and also fruit and vegetable intake.

Reduces : stress/anxiety, pain and also risks of injury.


Practise at your own pace.
Be gentle with any injuries or sore areas.
Don’t move into any pose that hurts you.
Remember to breathe 💚🌷🙏🏻


My  ‘Yoga for your workday’   video on YouTube  

Schedule  2021

NZ Alert level 1.   Please stay home if you are unwell, scan QR code on entry to class, cough and sneeze etiquette, hand hygiene, wipe down yoga mats after use.  

Monday  3 May 

Smash Fit members  6 am – 7 am  (Beginner / Relaxation)

Smash Fit members  6 pm – 7 pm  (Beginner / Relaxation)

   4 May

10 am – 11am  FREE trial beginner class  ‘Never Too Old’ (for > 60 yrs) 

Conference Room (1st floor), Pulman Arena, Bruce Pulman Park, 90 Walters Rd, Takanini. Bring your yoga mat, a blanket, a cushion and a long strap.

Tuesdays   Nathan Homestead , 70 Hill Rd, Manurewa  Term 2: 4 May – 6 July  5:30 pm-7 pm

Casual class $17 or $120/Term (10 weeks). The class is held upstairs in the Drawing Room (turn left at the top of the main stairs).  These classes follow the school terms.

Thursday  5 May

Smash Fit members  6 am – 7 am  (Intermediate level)

Smash Fit members  9:30 am – 10:30 am  (Beginner / Relaxation)

Smash Fit members  6:30 pm – 7:30 pm  (Intermediate level)

Friday  6 May

New York Fitness Gym, 41 Elliot St, Papakura  9 am – 10 am.


To register for a class, ph 2984981 between 10 am – 7 am weekdays.

Private classes available  




Please contact me if you would like to book in for a class or if you have any questions 🌸

027 354 2358

Follow me on    Facebook    @yogawithkayemanson

                    Kaye Manson